Reducing Driver Fatigue

Reducing Driver Fatigue

Supporting driver safety is a huge priority for our team, particularly with the busy Christmas period approaching. Please take the time to access the valuable resources linked below.

We often interpret fatigue as feeling tired or drowsy, but fatigue is actually a state of impairment that can include mental and physical exhaustion. In the context of truck driving, fatigue can significantly affect a driver’s ability to operate safely and respond to the typical demands of life on the road.

Running a few personal safety checks ahead of your shift is as important as running a safety check over your rig. Alongside these measures, it’s critical to understand and stay aware of the signs of fatigue so you can act accordingly and prevent accidents.

As a result of COVID-19, the freight sector is under immense pressure. With Christmas and the holiday season fast approaching, the roads are only going to get busier.

Fight fatigue and stay safe on the roads.