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    Qbrick System ONE Organizer L

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    Organiser L can be combined with other System ONE Organisers. Equipped with 10 buckets for smaller accessories, including 8 smaller ones and 2 long buckets for storing and transporting longer elements. Dimensions: 531 x 379 x 77 mm Capacity: 6L

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    Qbrick System TWO Box 200 + 6pc Organiser Multi Qbrick System TWO Box 200 + 6pc Organise...

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    With 6 Organiser Multi-boxes each with movable dividers, seamlessly slot into Box 200. Box 200 can be used/stacked on its own for transporting power tools and hand tools etc. or store the Organisers. The Multi organizer with a polycarbonate cover,...

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    Qbrick System ONE Transport Platform

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    Fitted with large inrun wheels, mounted on a metal axle, allowing for crossing various terrain obstacles (e.g. stairs, driveways, boggy ground). Mounted to the front of the platform are metal swivel caster wheels equipped with brakes that provide...

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    Qbrick System ONE Cart 2.0

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    Qbrick System ONE Cart 2.0 model is the largest mobile transport box, which provides a solid base for other boxes. The increased payload capacity of up to 100 kg and the capacity of 52 liters allows for the comfortable transportation of large and heavy...

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    Qbrick System ONE 450 Vario 2.0

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    The 450 Vario toolbox has a very large capacity of 52 liters. Thanks to this, it can accommodate large power tools and hand tools. Two adjustable compartments allow you to keep order inside the box. The VARIO cover is equipped with connectors that allow...

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