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    Corner Protector Steel

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    Go with the high strength and durability of the Heavy-Duty Steel Corner Protector when you need a tough solution to keeping your cargo and tie-downs safe. Manufactured from heavy-duty steel, this pallet angle provides exceptional durability for...


    Corner Protector Plastic 100mm

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    The 140 x 90 x 90mm Heavy-Duty Plastic Corner Protector has the necessary resilience to help protect both your cargo and your tie-downs. This corner protector is made from heavy-duty plastic for both durability and a smoother surface. This design...

  • #PAL1200

    Pallet Angle / Cargo Corner Board Plastic 1020mm Antislip Pallet Angle / Cargo Corner Board Plasti...

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    Heavy duty plastic pallet angle, 1020mm long. The angles distribute the restraining pressure of the tie-down device across the width of a standard pallet. They are suitable for protecting goods and packaging from tie down equipment such as ropes and...

  • #50451-11

    Corner Board Placement Tool

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    Extendable, high-visibility handle to keep the user firmly on the ground. High-density polyethylene head design with a center recessed area to reposition straps Durable yellow powder coat finish for corrosion resistance

  • #49439-11

    F Series Adjustable Shoring Bar 2170-2570mm F Series Adjustable Shoring Bar 2170-257...

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    Go with the Series F Adjustable Shoring Bar when you need dependable strength and resilience to keep your cargo from shifting during transit. This shoring bar is built from high-strength steel for maximum strength and can be quickly and easily...

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