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    Hella Fog Lamp Micro DE 60mm

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    Micro DE high performance compact fog lamp featuring a focused glass lens and modern Free-Form (FF) reflector. HELLA’s smallest auxiliary lamp is ideal for front spoilers. Housing and reflector made from magnesium. Mounting = Upright or pendant. Ideal...

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    Hella FF50 Driving Lamp H7 12V 55W

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    Compact driving lamp featuring modern clear lens design and Free-Form (FF) reflector. Mounting = Upright or pendant. Power Consumption = 55W Bulb to Suit = CA1255

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    Hella Led Driving Lamp 350 Ref30 MV

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    This innovative, light weight HELLA LED Light Bar is the first such lamp with a body manufactured entirely from non corrosive, thermally conductive high performance plastics. This aerodynamic powerhouse features 12 durable high performance automotive...

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    Hella Spotlight Hand Held LED Pencil Beam Hella Spotlight Hand Held LED Pencil Bea...

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    The LED hand held spot lamp only uses 1/3 of the power consumption of the 1520. It has a compact size and light weight, and is comfortable to hold even for long periods. The LED spot lamp comes with a spiral plug-in cable (which can stretch up to 3.5m)...

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    Hella LED Light Bar 470 - Hybrid Work Lamp Hella LED Light Bar 470 - Hybrid Work La...

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    The LED Light Bar 470 Combi is a unique work lamp offering three light options: close range, long range or combined - all in a single light bar. The work lamp is a great addition to any Ute, ATV or off-road vehicle. Only 1000g of weight means less stress...

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    Hella Work Light LED Red Strip 397 Barhawk Hella Work Light LED Red Strip 397 Barha...

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    Vehicle lighting plays an important role in protecting employees from the potential dangers of moving machinery. The innovative BL470 Red LED warning lamp from HELLA is fitted with the new VISIOTECH technology. A special lens optic allows the light rays...

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    Multivolt™ warning lamps for emergency vehicles. The HELLA multi-flash range of warning lamps have 10 programmable flash modes and can be synchronised to flash alternately or in unison. Mounting = Two hole surface mount with mounting bushes supplied...

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