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  • #AJ3290/1NZ

    Antiluce Straight

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    An antiluce manufactured from mild steel and finished with zinc plating. Instead of a standard shank, a 105mm x 25mm straight plate is attached to this fastener. With two 7mm mounting holes, this fastener is easily installed and removed. Material: Mild...

  • #AJ3232NZ-NS

    Antiluce No Shank

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    A shankless, weld-on antiluce produced from mild steel and plated with zinc for protection against corrosion. Manufactured with a 26mm boss. Material: Mild Steel Finish: Zinc Plated Boss Diameter: 19mm Boss Length: 26mm

  • #AJ3284NZ

    Antiluce Baby S/S M8

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    Stainless steel Boss: 12.7mm diameter, 59mm length Shank: 8mm Diameter, 40mm length M8 Thread. M8 Hex stainless steel nut

  • #AJ3275/1NZ

    Antiluce 25mm Threaded

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    Produced in mild steel with zinc plating. These antiluce fasteners are manufactured with an M12 threaded shank and are supplied with an M12 nyloc nut for simple, secure installation. Material: Mild Steel Finish: Zinc Plated Shank: 12mm diameter, 25mm...

12 of 37 products

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