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    CRC Belt Dressing 350g

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    CRC Belt Dressing minimises squeals in automotive belts. It forms a non-drying, water-resistant film, extending belt life by reducing tension, slipping, and dirt build-up. Belts stay pliable without glazing or hardening, reducing squeaking noise...

  • #B200FS

    Fuel Set Diesel Bug Cleaner 200ml

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    Fuel Set is a complete fuel conditioner providing comprehensive protection of the fuel system, which in turn reduces running and maintenance costs. Eradicates Diesel Bug, non-toxic and economical with a mix ratio of 4000:1 (500ml treats 2000L).

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    CRC Throl L Body Cleaner 500ml

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    CRC Throt-L-Body is an effective blend of liquid hydrocarbon cleaning compounds specifically formulated to remove and prevent harmful deposits from throttle bodies and air intake systems in fuel-injected vehicles. It does not harm coatings on modern...

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    CRC Surface Sanitiser Aerosol 250g

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    CRC Surface Sanitiser is a versatile sanitiser that effectively kills bacteria and microbes leaving surfaces hygienically clean. It offers effective multi-surface protection across most hard and soft surfaces in commercial and residential buildings. The...

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    CRC Oil Eater Stain Remover 400ml Aerosol CRC Oil Eater Stain Remover 400ml Aeroso...

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    CRC Oil Fighter is a revolutionary new product, that effectively removes oil stains from porous surfaces. Effective on concrete floors and driveways, paving, cobbles, masonry, timber, heavy duty carpets and mats. Oil Fighter is ideal for all...

12 of 72 products

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