Spill Kit and Containment

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  • #NZSKOF025

    Pratt Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit 25L

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    Oil & Fuel Spill Only Kits colour coded white for hydrocarbon spill absorption absorb fuel, petrol, diesel, oil and solvents. Includes the following: 10 x Oil & Fuel Pads (APW300) 2 x White Oil & Fuel Boom 1.2m (BW420) 1 x Containment Waste...

  • #NZSKOF120

    Pratt Oil & Fuel Only Spill Kit 120L

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    Oil & Fuel Only absorbents take on board hydrocarbon liquids such as fuel, petrol, diesel, oil, solvents. Additionally, they are designed to repel water making them ideal for oil & fuel spill recovery on either land or water. For general...

  • #VSMINSP/14L

    Vertex CH Mineral Sponge 14L

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    Vertex Mineral Sponge is a completely organic product for the clean-up of oil and chemical spills. Manufactured from specifically sized Zeolite granules for the ultimate in hardworking performance.

  • #FSGP15

    Pratt General Purpose Floor Sweep 15L

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    Highly absorbent, biodegradable, environmentally friendly materials. Rapidly encapsulates hydrocarbons (oils, fuels, grease etc) & many other liquids. Light weight, easy to apply, simple to use. Made of all natural, cellulose materials. Does not...

12 of 31 products

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