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    Hella Scangrip Nova R

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    The popular NOVA R provides extremely high lumen output, improved battery and longer operating time. It is remarkably slim and handy — a universal all-round work light designed for the professional user. Featuring the latest high-performance COB LED...

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    Hella Inspection Lamp Led Scangrip Mini Mag Pro Hella Inspection Lamp Led Scangrip Mini ...

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    Now 66% brighter, the SCANGRIP® Mini Mag Pro LED Worklamp comprises an extremely powerful, rechargeable LED work light and flashlight in one. Containing the latest high performance LED technology this inspection lamp is a must have. The modern design of...

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    Hella Inspection Lamp Led Scangrip Slim

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    The SCANGRIP® Slim LED Worklamp is not only one of the most compact on the market, but it also offers 3 lamps in 1, with two brightness settings for ultimate versatility. When open, the lamp is an ideal inspection light, perfect for getting into the most...

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    Torch LED Baton

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    Control traffic and crowds at night with this night wand. Static or flashing red.

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    Powerbuilt LED Rechargeable Work Light 550 Lumens Powerbuilt LED Rechargeable Work Light 5...

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    Ultra-bright portable dual work light with COB LED, 550 lumens Ideal for use in the workshop & home, inside or out Main light, 550 Lumens, 10W Head torch, 250 Lumens, 5W Light mode cycle: head torch/main light/red light fixed/red light...

12 of 88 products

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