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    Vertex EO Agri Mono T2 30W 5L

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    Vertex Agri Mono T2 30W is designed for use in transmissions and final drives needing a fluid of this type. Suitable for multi purpose applications in machinery needing a TO-2 rated fluid. Manufactured from high quality group II base stocks.

  • #VASTOU14/P20L

    Vertex EO Agri STOU 10W40 20L

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    Vertex Agri STOU 10W40 is a super high performance, multifunctional, low-friction oil (STOU / MFO) utilising synthetic technology. Offers increases versatility (Can be used in various kinds of equipment (tractors, combines, seeding and harvesting...

  • #VASTOU154/P20L

    Vertex EO Agri STOU 15W40 20L

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    Vertex Agri STOU 15W40 is a high performance and multifunctional oil (STOU / MFO) utilising advanced technology.

12 of 16 products

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